Training on Power Plate is good for your cardiovascular health and circulation. Arterial stiffness is reduced; blood flows more easily; high blood pressure can be reduced; and more blood flows to the skin and periphery.

Using Power Plate for a circulation boost before sport will also warm the muscles and improve hydration of the tissue by helping fluid to spread between the cells, and loosening adhesions.

Increased heart rate during Power Plate exercise improves general cardiovascular fitness as efficienlty as using a stationary bike. This means Power Plate training could be excellent for your health especially if you are diabetic, hypertensive, unfit and deconditioned, or suffer from poor circulation.


Using Power Plate for as little as 10 minutes two to three times a week can lead to increased bone mineral density as well as fracture healing. A number of mechanisms are thought to contribute: hormone release, fluid dynamics within the bone from the harmonic wave action, changes in hydrostatic pressures in the bone, and tiny bending and distortion of the bone by activated muscles can promote bone-building activity.

Adults and children who are unable to not (or will not) engage in high-impact exercises for whatever reason can benefit from using Power Plate to stimulate bone growth and bone healing.


The reflexive contractions lead to Increased muscle activation, better co-ordination, and better motor learning. Strength, power and endurance can all be trained.

The neuromuscular activation is especially beneficial for those with neuromuscular degenerative impairments or conditions. The position and mechanoreceptors in the body (proprioceptors) are stimulated by the vibration and three-dimensional movement, leading to greater co-ordination and control, better balance, and reduced number of falls in those who are deconditioned or balance-compromised.

We have seen truly remarkable outcomes among the elderly, stroke survivors, cerebral palsy sufferers, MS, amongst others.


Whole body vibration has been shown to increase the range of motion (or flexibilty) both immediately after use as well as after long term use.

Pain is inhibited, which also helps for stretching, but has been observed in those suffering from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia as well.

With increased fascia mobility, users are able to move better, bend better, and function better.


Body composition changes from using Power Plate whole body vibration can be much more long lasting than from simply dieting, or even other forms of exercise.

Power Plate whole body vibration has been shown to decrease visceral adipose tissue. Fatty liver disease has also shown to be affected positively by WBV.

With increases in metabolism and improvements in body composition, this easy to do form of exercise is a great tool for tackling obesity, diabetes, and reaching other body composition related goals.


Whole body vibration has been shown to benefit the mind as well as the body. It has been shown to improve concentration in healthy individuals as well as those sufferng from ADHD.

It can help get the body into a relaxed recovery state, resulting in a drop in the stress hormone, cortisol.