How 50 Micro Vibrations Per Second
Unlock Multiple Health Benefits

Power Plate vibrates up to 50 times per second sending tiny vibrations through the body. These micro vibrations activate more muscles, boost circulation, and muscle recovery, and burn more calories

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Activate More Muscles

Power Plate’s vibrating platform forces your body to fight against gravity and against
the vibrations. Independent studies and research have shown that working out on the Power Plate activates up to 138% more muscle fibers compared to a traditional workout (The American Chiropractor). Power Plate puts more muscles to work and you can get better results by harnessing the power of micro vibrations.

Burn More Calories

Working out on a vibrating plate activates more muscles and burns more calories. Completing that same workout on a Power Plate can increase the number of calories burned by as much as 50% according to independent research (European Association for the Study of Obesity). To burn more calories does not have to mean more hours in the gym or longer runs, it can be as simple as doing your regular workout on a Power Plate.

Improve Circulation

Tiny micro vibrations flowing through the body enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and support their functioning. Multiple studies have shown that whole body vibration boosts skin blood flow. The increased blood flow can also help decrease the appearance of cellulite. Simply placing your body for five minutes on the Power Plate can immediately help improve circulation throughout the body.

Increase Bone Density

Whole-body vibration is a technology that was first developed by scientists in the second half of the 20th century as a way to reduce bone density loss and muscle atrophy in astronauts exposed to zero-gravity conditions.

Gravity applies a constant load on the skeletal system that’s what causes bones to maintain a certain density. Working out on the Power Plate increases this load on the bones helping improve bone density. In an independent study of 116 women, the group using the Power Plate saw a 4.3% increase in lumbar bone mineral density while the group that did not use Power Plate lost 1.9% bone mineral density (Whole-body vibration exercise in postmenopausal osteoporosis).

Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

People rely on Power Plate to help them with speedy recovery. By simply putting the painful part on the Power Plate to absorb the micro vibrations customers report feeling instant pain relief. The soothing vibrations help boost blood flow that in turn can help reduce muscle recovery times. Power Plate is used by athletes, coaches and doctors for pain relief and muscle recovery.

Not All Vibrations Are Equal

The engineering team of Power Plate has built the best-in-class vibration technology, known as PrecisionWave™ Technology. The Power Plate platform does not simply just vibrate up and down. Difficult for the human eye to see, is that the platform is vibrating in multiple directions also known as tri-planar vibration.

The technology goes even further to take the multi-directional vibrations and make them a specific frequency. The world-class engineers at Power Plate have found the perfect combination of micro vibration frequencies and directional movement that can deliver the most optimal results.