The biomechanical aspect of vibration are widely used in the medical field for the treatment of certain injuries and the positive outcomes of illnesses.

Power Plate embody a non-invasive exercise therapy based modality for prevention, recovery and rehabilitation that positively impacts patients from the first day of use. Providing the multitude of benefits for users of diverse ages and physical conditions, Power Plate therapy addresses a broad range of debilitating symptoms and speeds recovery time, allowing patients to resume their normal daily functions more quickly.


Power Plate stimulates muscle activation to slow deterioration and muscle atrophy. without causing muscle overactivity injuries in ALS patients.

Promotes bone-building activity without high-impact exercise

Power Plate increases lymphatic drainage which prevents rapid build-up of mucus and helps drain mucus from the lungs.

Power Plate significantly improves systemic arterial stiffness, reduces blood pressure, heart rate variability and muscle strength after a few regular exercise sessions.

Power Plate is an accessible training tool that’s scientifically proven to improve gait, muscle strength & power and improve postural control and balance.

Hydrates the body and “unsticks” tight fascia, resulting in much better movement ability, better posture, flexibility and mobility.

Proven to significantly increase strength, increase lean muscle mass and muscle strength, reversing sarcopaenia.

Specifically Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)

Power Plate will activate injured muscle strands without painful straining or worsening of the injury. It’s been proven to speed up nerve regeneration & bring back normal sensation faster to damaged areas.

Maintain nerve health with increased circulation to the small nerve bundles and rapid neuromuscular stimulation; improved motor learning to restore function.

Increased metabolism and reduced abdominal fat, good for tackling obesity and a great exercise tool for diabetics. Power Plate stimulates fat loss & reduces acute and chronic blood glucose levels when used as part of a regular training program.

With increased sensory stimulation of the mechanoreceptors on the balls of the feet, in the fascia and joints, proprioception improves, improving balance and reducing postural sway. (For more information, take a look at our Research.)

Power Plate helps control the muscle spasms caused by Parkinson’s by increasing communication between the central nervous system and the muscles. Power Plate also improves postural control to ensure mobility and quality of life in Parkinson’s patients.

Reduce arthritic pain and other muscle aches and pains; reduce soreness that follows physical activity.

Similar to Parkinson’s from a neurological perspective, Power Plate helps increase neuromuscular communication and control unnecessary muscle spasms in RLS sufferers.

Power Plate significantly increases voluntary muscle strength in stroke patients actively using the equipment for light exercise movements.