Power Plate Training Useful After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Power Plate Training Improves Proprioception and Balance More Than Conventional Training in Athletes Who Have Undergone ACL Reconstruction.

Effects of Power Plate Training on Sprint Running Kinematics and Explosive Strength Performance

Whole body vibration stimulates the sensory receptors and the afferent pathways, leading to a more efficient use of the stretch reflex

Strength Gains and Higher Jumps with Power Plate Training

Research Shows Power Plate Training Results in Strength Gains and Improved Vertical Jump Height in 12 Weeks.

Precision: Why Medical and Sports- Performance Professionals Prefer Power Plate

When the body makes a neurological change in motor learning/skill development, precise repetition is required and with whole body vibration, vibration precision is key to effectiveness.

Effect of long-term Whole Body Vibration Training on Visceral Adipose Tissue

This study shows that Whole Body Vibration training may have the potential to reduce Visceral Adipose Tissue more than aerobic exercise in obese adults, possibly making it a meaningful addition to future weight loss programs.

The Effect of Power Plate Training on Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Muscle Strength in the Elderly

Power Plate training in older individuals leads to significant enhancements in cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength.

Vibration and stretching effects on flexibility and explosive strength in young gymnasts.

Stretching with whole body vibration significantly increases flexibility without altering explosive strength.

The effect of vibration on active and passive range of motion in elite female synchronized swimmers.

Whole body vibration increases flexibility and range of motion beyond that obtained with traditional stretching in world class swimmers.

The effectiveness of whole-body-vibration training in improving hamstring flexibility in physically active adults.

This review article found moderate evidence to support the use of whole body vibration to improve hamstring flexibility in active young adults.


Based on the standards published by the European Medical Device Directive, Power Plate device may not be intended for home healthcare use. Safe use is partially dependent on a property grounded power supply.