Workout. Clean. Repeat.

They are increasingly concerned about physical distance, hygiene standards and managing anxiety, as well as maintaining their usual health and wellness practices.

How you lead your response to this change is key to ensuring the confidence of your community -both customers and co-workers- so you can continue to make a positive contribution to their lives.

As a trusted partner. Power Plate is here to support you to navigate this change so that you can reopen your doors with certainty  and create a new conversation with your community.

Consistency and commitment in new protocols and procedures will drive levels of comfort and connection. Sign up at the bottom of this page to gain access to how Power Plate can help make it easy for you to welcome everyone back through your doors.


Prepare FASTER. Perform BETTER. Recover QUICKER.

All while exercising in one place, on one piece of equipment. Power Plate is your ‘one-stop shop’ to get you in and out quicker, with faster whole body results.

Easing the Transition

As fitness facility starts to open their doors, exercising and workouts will take a whole new dimension. Social and sweat distancing, wearing face mask and extensive cleaning will be the norm. This creates the whole new set of rules and challenges for every gym owner/ manager and participants.

Today you have to cardio section, the weights rooms, the stretch area, the balance area and even now recovery zones. So as the gym-goer moves from piece to piece. a staff member will need to be following them around to clean up after each use.  Ask yourself, how many pieces of equipment, rollers, stretch bands does an average member use during a given visit.

What if u had ONE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT that your member can hit every component of workout, without having to move from machine to machine. You can also limit workout time to 30 minutes as that is all you need.





Power Plate is unique. It is a certified medical device that offers precise and patented technology for everyday health and fitness.

The technology uses a vibrating platform which moves 25 to 50 times per second. The vibrations are harmonic (safe for human health), consistent and controlled. These vibration are tri-planar (move up and down, front to back and side to side) and mimic real world movement and exercise dynamics.

Benefits of Implementing Power Plate

Less time working out, fuller results

Likely the only one on your gym floor!

Set up your own circuit in one spot to work on your strength, prime your cardiovascular system, improve flexibility/balance, and then treat yourself to a full massage

Bone density, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular (circulation), and lymphatic systems. Perfect for every member with any fitness level or goal

Any training modality possible

Live coached curriculum for personal or small group trainers

Machine software or APP based options

Give members the peace of mind they need to stay safe yet get a full and effective workout in just 30 minutes or less

Bring your favorite sports training or fitness workout to the plate and let the vibrations increase the work for you

Reduce workout time and decrease your in-facility exposure

Power Plate personal training offers live coached, OnDemand, or machine software for members looking to ‘get the job done faster’ and clubs looking for safe, effective new ways to deliver results and revenue

Ideally suited for revenue-driving PT, Power Plate offers a full operator support package for individual or small group personal training – complete with live/online trainer tool kit, programs, marketing support and more

One trainer can safely coach in place for up to 6 members on plates spaced 6-8 ft apart. Power Plate is space-efficient and easy to staff for a no-touch live or live-streamed coaching solution

For facilities wishing to engage their members outside the four walls, Power Plate has an affiliate reseller program and content toolkit in place to help operators and trainers earn client loyalty and generate immediate revenue – for both targeted vibration products and whole body vibration products suited to the home exerciser

The Smarter Choice

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