Accelerated Health and Fitness at Home

Power Plate’s whole body and targeted vibration training delivers accelerated health, fitness and wellness results, whatever the fitness level or training style. With extensive social distancing measures now in place, most people will be spending much, if not all, of their time at home. Self-isolation can mean far fewer opportunities to be physically active, especially if you are used to spending time at the gym or participating in community sport activities. The home environment naturally encourages the opportunity to be more sedentary (sitting or reclining), whilst catching up on the latest Netflix series! This can be a real concern for people, especially those with underlying health issues who perhaps can’t get out un-aided for even the designated ‘one walk per day ‘.

‘Boxing’ Day: Preparation & Recovery

If you are anything like me then sometimes when you see an inspirational movie it can often give you that extra get up and go to start moving and hit the gym, or in this case the bag! Creed 2, the much-awaited sequel and next chapter in the Rocky Balboa dynasty has now been released and I was there at the opening weekend. Feeling inspired the next day, the gloves went on and an adrenaline-charged bag session ensued.

Preparing for the Snow Plough – A beginners guide to getting ready for the slopes

As a self-classified intermediate skier having discovered, and subsequently fell in love with the sport 5 years ago, I still vividly remember, as do my hips and knees, the first visit to the indoor ski center. Although I expected it to be challenging, what I had’t quite bargained for was the ‘snow plough’, and my distinct inability to access the required range of movement to be able to get into the position and to be able to stop. As the instructor patiently explained the need to go wider and then turn your feet in and push the inside of the skies into the snow. Although I knew exactly what he was asking, it was incredibly difficult from a mobility perspective. On the first attempt down a slight incline I decided to use the group of people in front waiting at the bottom as an alternative way to stop.

Strengthening Your Client

In recent times, the use of Power Plate has shifted from that of performance training and weight loss to enhancing movement efficiency, preparation and activation. What I’d like to expose in this article though is something I strongly believe in and rationalize the use of vibration both for training and stretching as well as highlighting the benefits in a rehab setting.

High Intensity Debate

One of the hottest topics of discussion among Power Plate trainers at the moment is the balance of intensity when using vibration. When should we use High Frequency and Amplitude vs Low Frequency and Amplitude? Should we workout at high intensity and if so how often?! The conversation usually poses more questions than answers.